Vivid Nuance is a jewelry and timepiece company that was established in 2018. The name ‘Vivid Nuance’ has two words with two different meanings. The word ‘Vivid’ means to produce a powerful feeling or strong, clear images. Synonymously, Vivid means to be authentic, true, realistic, faithful, highly colored, vibrant, strong, bold, intense, rich, warm, flaming, and eye-catching. The word ‘Nuance’ means to have a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound; synonymous to words like variation, shading, fine distinction, gradation, refinement and overtone.
Similarly, Vivid Nuance is all about producing distinctive excellence through our goods and services, mirroring authenticity and faithfulness in our work ethic and towards our clientele. This is to ensure that we exceed our customer’s and clients’ expectations.

One of our aims is to ensure that the definition of boldness shines through and onto the personalities of our customers, giving them the confidence they need. 

In a world of evolving and advanced technology, Vivid Nuance offers a luxurious collection of timepieces such as Naviforce; Armiforce; and Megir. These brands are of high quality, with specialized and luxurious features both internally and externally, along with an excellent longevity. The timepieces are suitable for all ages (particularly from age 12 upwards) and for both genders. 

Vivid Nuance is a brand that is yet to expand, offering far more goods and services other than the retailing of jewelry and watches. We will ensure to provide a constantly updated series of our collection to suit each era.

Vivid Nuance – ‘A brand to remember’.